Training Transformational Teachers: Leaps & Bounds for Teachers Interview Series

Leaps & Bounds, a branch of Training Transformational Teachers, shares discussions with experts whose knowledge and research offer unique insights into how students process information and can be helped to learn better. Tune in each month throughout the academic year for the latest interview. 

Leaps & Bounds for Teachers presents John Medina

Are you interested in what a leading brain researcher has found works in the classroom and why we need to reevaluate and replace some of our teaching practices for more brain-friendly ones? 

Then you'll want to listen to this "Leaps & Bounds for Teachers" interview with John Medina. I asked John to explain the implications and applications for teachers of several chapters in his book Brain Rules. He explains how understanding the ways the brain processes, stores, and retrieves information can help us greatly increase our students' comprehension and retention. He also gives insightful and witty explanations of dopamine lollipops, memory handles, the only learning style that we all share, why creating allies in the classroom helps us learn and grow, and why he keeps peppering his explanations with personal stories. John is a master presenter and knowledge translator, and you can learn as much from how he shares these insights as you can from what he shares.
Daniel CoyleIn this interview, you'll learn:
  • Why students take a LOT more time to learn and retain new information than we'd thought, and how to accelerate that process
  • What the only real learning style we all share is
  • Why creating allies in the classroom significantly boosts learning
  • and much more.

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